Historical Street Names

When the streets of Maple Ridge were first laid out, they were given names that described their location. Many of these names probably evolved from vernacular usage to become official names. The street that ran along the edge of the Laity family's property was called Laity Road; the road that was the dividing line between two electoral wards was called Townline Road; the road on the river front was called Front Street.
In the 1940s it was decided the town should have a more structured street format. A numbering system was devised, starting at the border with Pitt Meadows on the west, and at the Fraser River on the south. North-south routes were designated as avenues, east-west routes as roads.
In 1963, a region-wide grid system was devised, and Maple Ridge was among the municipalities to join it. This is the system still in use today, with north-south routes labelled as streets, and east-west routes as avenues. The grid starts at the Strait of Georgia on the west, and the US border on the south, with eight blocks to the mile (now 200 meters per block.) The system was adopted by many governments, and today addresses conforming to the grid can be found east of Hope. It is not without its flaws, notably the recent crops of A and B streets that appear between already established streets. However, there is an effort within the municipality to have new streets named for local historical figures instead of A or B names.

Original Name 1940s—1963 1963—present
Baker Road 17th Avenue 240th Street
Blackstock Road 22nd Road 124th Avenue
Bolkey Road 20th Avenue
Bosomworth Road 15th Road 112th Avenue from 232nd Street to 256th Street
Chapman Road 27th Avenue 264th Street south of Dewdney Trunk Road
Dell Road 108th Avenue west of 272nd Street
Downie Road Dewdney Trunk Road near Ruskin
Ealing Street Maple Crescent (West of 205th Street)
Fraser Street 7th Avenue 222nd Street south of Dewdney Trunk Road
Front Street River Road River Road
Gawsworth Street 206th Street
Hampton Road 21st Road 123rd Avenue from 203rd Street to Laity Street
Haney Street 116th Avenue
Harris Road 16th Avenue 237th Street north of Dewdney
Hinch Road 9th Avenue 225th Street
Hinch Road 243rd Street south off Dewdney Trunk Road
Howison's Road River Road River Road
Howison Street 7th Avenue 222nd Street north of Dewdney Trunk Road
Hunter Road Powerline Road Dewdney Trunk Road west of 206th Street
Jackson Road 102nd Avenue from 240th Street to Jackson Road; Jackson Road to 100th Avenue; 100th Avenue to 268th Street
Jap Alley 14th Avenue 232nd Street
Kushir Road 284th Street from 104th Avenue to 108th Avenue
Laity Road 3rd Avenue Laity Street (South of Dewdney Trunk Road)
Lilloet/Alouette Road14th Avenue 232nd Street
Lockwood Road 27th Avenue 264th Street (North of Dewdney Trunk Road)
Martin Road 25th Avenue North 256th Street (North of Dewdney Trunk Road)
McKechnie Road 21st Avenue 248th Street
McKenney Road 2nd Avenue 207th Street
Miller Road 104th Avenue from approximately 256th Street to 288th Street; 288th Street to 116th Avenue
Nelson Road/Avenue 4th Avenue Fir Street
Ontario Street 8th Avenue 224th Street south of Dewdney Trunk Road
Parker Road 280th Street from River Road to 108th Avenue; 108th Avenue from 280th Street to 284th Street; 284th Street from 108th Avenue to Dewdney Trunk Road
Plank Road 248th Street
Redecliff Road 23rd Road 128th Avenue from Laity Street to 224th Street
Richmond Street 113th Avenue
Ritchie Road 104th Avenue from 240th Street to approximately 256th Street
Sharpe Road 1st Avenue 203rd Street
Skytte Road 23rd Avenue
Smedley Road 19th Avenue 244th Street north off Dewdney Trunk Road
Stanton Street 114th Avenue
Stephens Road 11th Avenue 228th Street from Dewdney Trunk Road to 128th Avenue
Thomas Street 117th Avenue
Townline Road 5th Avenue 216th Street
Waugh Street 205th Street
Webster Road 25th Avenue South 256th Street south of Dewdney Trunk Road
Weeks Road 8th Avenue North 224th Street north of 132nd Avenue (or perhaps Aloutte River)
Whonnock Road 30th Avenue 272nd Street
Wilson Road 32nd Road 132nd Avenue