The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge was part of a larger project undertaken in 1997-1998 by the Corporation of the District of Maple Ridge. The project team for this document, which describes the identified historic resources, consisted of Donald Luxton, principal of Donald Luxton & Associates, project leader; research and production assistance was provided by Leon Phillips, directory searches by David Monteyne, and field work assistance was provided by Bruce Grady. A separate report, prepared by Donald Luxton & Associates with Sue Morhun of Teamworks, the 'Maple Ridge Heritage Management Plan' describes a conservation program for the District.

Our thanks are also due to many enthusiastic individuals, especially the members of the Heritage Advisory Committee, who shared so freely of their knowledge, and were so willing to tell us the stories and show us the sights of the District. Their input was invaluable. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance we received, and extend our personal thanks to all concerned.

Our sincere thanks are due to the following individuals, who participated in the project:

The richness and diversity of the historical information contained in this report would not have been possible without the work of many dedicated individuals who have recorded the history of the District. Several sources have been used extensively, the most valuable of which is 'Maple Ridge, A History of Settlement', and we acknowledge a debt for this and other local publications that tell the story of early Maple Ridge.

The British Columbia Heritage Trust has provided financial assistance to this project to support conservation of our heritage resources, gain further knowledge, and increase public understanding of the complete history of British Columbia.